Learning and Using Internet Safely by Applying Cyber Protection

All parents always want to give the best for their children. They want to provide all facilities for kids, so they can feel comfortable, and they also get the necessary access for many things. On the other sides, they also want to protect the children from any dangers that may occur as they grow. However, sometimes it is not easy job to do. As the internet grows, kids start to use it for many purposes. They can learn through many websites and platform. They can get entertainment from videos and games. These are good for them, but there are risks that parents should be aware of it. That is why parents should know more about child cyber security and protections. There are threats everywhere in the virtual worlds, and parents should know what they have to do. In this case, Lido makes an interesting video about this topic. Parents can find it in our video, and they can gain some useful insights. These can surely become good references in protecting the kids.

Lido Learning

Parents Role in Cyber Security

Parents roles cannot be neglected. As parents, they are the most responsible persons for the kids. Even when the kids are studying in the school, all responsibility does not belong to teacher, but parents still need to take part in it. The same cases also happen in accessing the internet. It is true that there is already public regulation. Some websites and search engines also have initial and preventive protection, especially for kids. Moreover, there are many apps to provide better monitoring and protecting functions. These may sound great, and it seems that kids are fully protected. However, they are still fragile, and there are still threats of dangers, and these cannot be prevented by these functions. Parents still have to play important roles to protect their kids. They must be able to tell the kids about the benefits and risks coming from the internet. Either it is for learning or even playing games, children must know the good and bad things that may occur. Of course, since they are still children, telling them is not enough. Parents still need to manage and control the usage. They should be able to monitor while guide the kids in accessing the internet for various purposes.

Information Abuse and Cyber Bullying

In term of threats, at least the information abuse and cyber bullying are the two possible things that may occur. These cannot be taken lightly since these can lead to serious impacts on kids. Information abuse can happen since now personal information can be obtained. Even as simple as clicking certain link or button, the privacy can be suddenly exposed, and this is serious problems. Many people can abuse the information to gain their own benefit while the victim can get the bad impacts. Kids may not be aware of clicking any unknown links or filling any forms in the website. What they know is that it is necessary for them. In fact, this may lead to serious problems. That is why parents should keep accompanying the kinds. Moreover, there is cyber bullying. Commonly, this occurs in social media. Chats and comments are the media for bad people to insults and bully. These are very risky, and it is always important for parents to prevent strangers with bad intention to keep in touch with their children. The kids should know properly how to add new friends, so they are able to avoid these unwanted people to enter the friend list. Even, it is necessary for parents to keep checking the gadgets used by their children. Since they are still kids, it is still fine to do so parents can know what they do. Managing the frequency of using the gadget should also be implemented. This is not only for the sake of protection, but it is necessary so the kids will not be addicted to the gadgets.

Learning Safely in Lido

In accessing the websites, mostly kids will do it for learning. They have big curiosity, and websites can provide most of the answers. Even when they get the assignments from schools, they may look for answers from the websites. This may be safe as long as parents can monitor and guide them. However sometimes it is not possible for them to stay all the time with the kids. In this case, it is better to let the children to study by using the Lido Platform. Lido Learning becomes good place to learn things. Basically, this works as online schools. It does not only provide the children with various materials, such as e-books or videos. In fact, Lido has classes for various stages of children. In each class, there will be only be six students, so it is very ideal for teachers and students in conducting the learning process. Teachers can give greater attention to the kids, while kids can also feel comfortable. Of course, bullying will never occur in the class, since the teacher will keep guiding and monitoring the class activity. This will be good way to improve the students score and achievements. Moreover, Lido will guarantee that all information of each student is fully secured, so there will be no abuse of information by other parties.

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